SOPTV Stories of Service

Ron Clisby & David Grosenbach

Season 3 Episode 7 | 28m 26s

Ron Clisby of Grants Pass and David Grosenbach of Medford share stories from their time serving in the Air Force & National Guard during Vietnam and Iraq & Afghanistan. Tales include being forced to drop napalm close to "friendlies" on the Ho Chi Min Trail and being too close for comfort to an IED explosion while on patrol.

Aired: 07/24/18

Rating: NR

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SOPTV Stories of Service is a local public television program presented by SO PBS.
My Story of Service

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My Story of Service

Each half-hour program features local veterans from World War II through Iraq and Afghanistan. Coming from a variety of wars, branches of the service, and experiences, they relate a few humorous stories. And the veterans recount the memories and sometimes demons that haunt them.

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