Immense Possibilities

Everyday Troops on the Cancer Front

Season 4 Episode 415 | 27m 44s Video has closed captioning.

They’ll never quit this fight….Few, if any, health crises spur so many people to volunteer as cancer. What makes the national movement to make life better for victims, comfort survivors, and fuel progress towards a cure so compelling? The answers offered by guests from the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Oregon Sparrow Clubs after years on the front lines are persuasive.

Aired: 03/27/15

Rating: NR

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Immense Possibilities

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Immense Possibilities

Host Jeff Golden and other social inventors share a clear set of beliefs, values, and goals with guests whose social creations are building vibrant communities. They’re solving challenges that the old systems can’t. They’re infusing others with realistic hope and inviting them to come alive.

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